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    Hot Topics with Qaisra Shahraz

    Our Hot Topics events look at various issues surrounding Christianity and Islam.
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    Manchester Vigil in Albert Square

    Read the Blog response to Manchester and London terror attacks


Contact the Centre Directors:

Revd. Canon Phil Rawlings: phil@mcsci.org.uk

Revd. Dr. Dwight D. Swanson: dds@mcsci.org.uk

Anne Davies (Executive Director): anne@mcsci.org.uk

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Welcome to the website of the Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam.

The Centre is a project supported by Nazarene Theological College, aiming to create a centre of educational excellence in the area of Christianity and Islam.

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The Vision

The centre seeks to work through teaching, learning, resourcing, equipping, and facilitating encounter and reflection in multiple ways.

¨ at the grassroots, to engage people and churches and raise awareness of the need for Christians to encounter Muslim people and develop an understanding of the Islamic faith, traditions and practices;

¨ by developing specific classes and programmes that explore ways Christians can encounter and engage with Islam in local and global settings;

¨ partnering with others to train people engaged in mission;

¨ developing research-led practice in relation to Islam and Christianity; with academic excellence, resourcing the global church with specialists.

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photo of the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem