Hot Topic: City of Sanctuary

A nationwide network of “Cities of Sanctuary” is forming. These local organisations are designed to help make places more welcoming for asylum seekers and refugees.

With so many of the displaced people of the world being Muslim, or from a Muslim background, how do Western “Christian” cultures need to accommodate this?

City of Sanctuary: A local, grassroots response to the Refugee Crisis.

“The objective of the City of Sanctuary movement is to create a culture of welcome and hospitality
for those seeking sanctuary, refugees and other vulnerable migrants amongst us”
– Inderjit Bhogal,
founder of City of Sanctuary 2005

In September 2007, with the support of the City Council and over 70 local community
organisations, Sheffield became the UK’s first ‘City of Sanctuary’ . Now there are over
60 City of Sanctuary initiatives in towns and cities across UK and Ireland.
The ‘sanctuary message’ of welcome and inclusion is needed in all spheres of society and
as such we are committed to helping schools, universities, health and maternity services,
theatres and arts centres, churches and other faith centres, sports, communities,
businesses and homes become ‘places of sanctuary’.
A key element of these ‘streams of sanctuary’ relationships is awareness raising, telling the
true stories of refugees to those who never hear them.
Through creating a national network of Cities of Sanctuary, we aim to demonstrate the
desire of people of goodwill throughout the country for a more just and humane approach
to people seeking sanctuary in this country.

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