Hot Topic: Muslim Women – myths and realities

What is the role of women in Islam? Is that role changing today? Join us for an evening of discussion led by Qaisra Shahraz, author of ‘The Holy Woman’, ‘Revolt’, and ‘Typhoon’ (and much more), recipient of National Diversity’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and listed among the Pakistan Power 100 Women.

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“Hot Topics” ticketed events will start at 18:30 and finish at around 20:30 unless otherwise advertised.

There will be tea, coffee and water available.

These events will normally take place on the first floor of the Emmanuel Centre at Nazarene Theological College. The room will be signed from the entrance. For directions and more information about the college, please see the NTC (event venue) page.

This event will be ticketed due to likely high demand, and so all participants will need to purchase a ticket (suggested donation of £10). As these discussions are not generally designed for children to take part, no concessions will be offered.

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