Hot Topic: Reflections on Israel-Palestine

Israel and Palestine – two names for broadly-speaking the same piece of land – and an area which has been a place of contention and tension for different people groups for several millennia. In the first of out “Hot Topics” forum meetings, we invite you to come, discover, learn, offer and share experience about this subject.

  • Join Dr Dwight Swanson (co-Director, MCSCI) as he reflects on a recent trip to the Middle East. He will be looking at his experiences – no doubt referring to some events which he has mentioned in his Middle East blog – and issues which affect Christians, Muslims, those of other faiths and none.
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    All “Hot Topics” events will start at 18:30 and finish at 20:30 unless otherwise advertised.

    There will be tea, coffee and water available.

    Each of these events is a forum for discussion, and will be linked together to form a series – initially with one event each month.

    These events will normally take place on the first floor of the Emmanuel Centre at Nazarene Theological College. For directions and more information about the college, please see the NTC (event venue) page.

    There is no formal charge – however, we do ask for a donation towards the running costs of the centre, and suggest £10 per session would be appropriate. Feel free to give more if you can afford to – and less if you cannot.
    If you pay UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax, please also complete our Gift Aid form, so we can claim tax relief on your donation back from the government. This makes your donation worth more, at no extra cost to you!