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A World-wide picture of Believers from Muslim background

Greg Livingstone

Greg Livingstone, founder of Frontiers, as well as Operation Mobilization, now living and serving in High Wycombe, spoke from his experience of fifty years of living and working among Muslims. He gave a global picture of the Church in the Muslim world (with reference to David Garrisons’ A Wind in the House of Islam) from a personal perspective. He encouraged us that ‘God is doing more than we think’, and lest we be triumphalist, ‘but also less than we hear’.

A group of people in a discussion panel with audience watching

Joining the Family: Findings

Last week, we hosted a seminar day titled “Joining the Family”. One of several planned across the UK, they were prompted after around 40 Christian Believers of a Muslim Background (BMBs) and members of the churches they joined, looked at the issues faced by new BMBs. So what did we learn?