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Christian Responses to Islam in Europe (speech)

Gordon Hickson

Fittingly, in the closing session Gordon Hickson, director of Mahabba in the UK, spoke to the centrality of prayer as the Christian response to Islam. Hickson described the origins of Mahabba, which is ‘love’ in Arabic, in prayer. This prayer is not simply that Muslims become believers, but it is prayer for a tenderness of heart towards Muslims, and prayer for the Church to live out the witness to Christ.

A man with a large gun stood behind a partial barricade with sandbags surrounding him

MCSCI in Pakistan

The Christian community in Pakistan has been in the news for very bad reasons over the last few months. I now wish to share something of the courage, perseverance & loyalty of the Christians in Pakistan.

A group of people in a discussion panel with audience watching

Joining the Family: Findings

Last week, we hosted a seminar day titled “Joining the Family”. One of several planned across the UK, they were prompted after around 40 Christian Believers of a Muslim Background (BMBs) and members of the churches they joined, looked at the issues faced by new BMBs. So what did we learn?