ST6330 Islam in Contemporary Britain


This 10-credit course is offered to undergraduate students at Nazarene Theological College, and may be available as an option to students based elsewhere as well.

Prerequisite: ST5260 (Major World Religions) or written permission of the lecturer.

The aim of the module is to explore the character, beliefs and lifestyle of the Muslim community in Britain. This should enable the student both to develop skills needed to engage with Islam as a faith and share with Muslims near them, developing appropriate relationships.

Students should gain a broad understanding of the Muslim communities in Britain, and their particular lifestyle and beliefs within the context of global Islam. They should also understand the multicultural context in which British Islam is growing, and the issues within the relevant communities. Finally, students should be enabled to engage with Muslim communities through dialogue, mutual co-operation and evangelism.

The course will cover 4 main areas:

  1. Introduction to the Islamic Communities in Britain
  2. The Religious Community
  3. Muslims in British Culture
  4. Muslim/Christian Encounter

It is presented using a mixture of teaching and learning methods:

  • Assigned Readings
  • Lectures and Audio-visual Presentations
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Assessed Coursework