Israel and Palestine – two names for broadly-speaking the same piece of land – and an area which has been a place of contention and tension for different people groups for several millennia. In the first of out “Hot Topics” forum meetings, we invite you to come, discover, learn, offer and share experience about this subject.

Join Dr Dwight Swanson (co-Director, MCSCI) as he reflects on a recent trip to the Middle East.

The history of relations between Christians and Muslims often has been an unhappy one. Muslims are about 5% of the population of Britain, so engagement between them is one the key issues facing society. How can two missionary faiths co-exist in positive and creative ways?

Join Rev Canon Phil Rawlings (co-Director, MCSCI) as he leads discussions.

With so many of the displaced people of the world being Muslim, or from a Muslim background, how do Western “Christian” cultures need to accommodate this when dealing with issues of refugees and Asylum Seekers? Jane Graystone of “City of Sanctuary” leads this month’s seminar.