We have the official launch of the Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam this March. It will combine the launch of the Centre with the annual NTC Drysdale Lecture, this year given by Dr Philip Lewis (Principal, Bradford Churches for Dialogue and Diversity).  He will give the lecture, titled “A road less travelled:…

MoveIn is a movement to get Christians back into the central areas of our towns and cities. After starting in Canada, the UK MoveIn Conference aims to get the same thing going here in the UK.   At the MoveIn Conference: Friday 23 May, 7:30pm onwards Worship, Vision & tales of how it works in…

Christians around the world have seen Muslims putting their faith in Jesus Christ. “We are witnessing an historic, unprecedented moment in salvation history”, says Dr David Garrison, in his book ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’. “We have never seen so many Muslim individuals or communities in so many different places move toward faith…

Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes is an exciting new outreach resource for churches and Christian organisations who want to build relationships with Asian communities. The training will provide you with useful facts and information on Asian beliefs and attitudes to Jesus and the Christian faith and how to invite people to the course.

This is the launch of a new course, aimed to help equip the Church meet the challenge of supporting new believers from a Muslim background to become part of our churches. What are their concerns? How does the church pastor and disciple such people? What support is available?
Details of the timing and venue will be provided on the entry ticket. On arrival you will be asked to prove your identity. The programme lasts around 2 hours.

Israel and Palestine – two names for broadly-speaking the same piece of land – and an area which has been a place of contention and tension for different people groups for several millennia. In the first of out “Hot Topics” forum meetings, we invite you to come, discover, learn, offer and share experience about this subject.

Join Dr Dwight Swanson (co-Director, MCSCI) as he reflects on a recent trip to the Middle East.

The history of relations between Christians and Muslims often has been an unhappy one. Muslims are about 5% of the population of Britain, so engagement between them is one the key issues facing society. How can two missionary faiths co-exist in positive and creative ways?

Join Rev Canon Phil Rawlings (co-Director, MCSCI) as he leads discussions.