Conference: Ts & Cs


Terms & Conditions of booking for “Evangelical Responses to Islamic Revival

i. Revisions to these Terms & Conditions

These terms were revised in October 2015 to reflect that MCSCI has been granted Charitable Incorporated Organisation status by the Charity Commission. These changes do not affect the actual terms of your booking. You may read full details of these changes if you wish.


  1. Definitions
    1. Terms including us, we etc, “The Centre” or MCSCI refer to Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam. The Centre is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (or CIO), registered with the Charity Commission with number 1163648. The Centre is also a partner of the Nazarene Theological College, which is a registered educational charity.
    2. Directors refer to the Directors of The Centre.
    3. Terms such as you etc. refer to the Lead Delegate.
    4. Booking refers to a request to attend the conference by a Delegate or Delegates, which is interpreted to mean the submission of this form.
    5. Organisation means any self-contained entity to which a delegate is affiliated, such as an individual church, local or national government agency, regional or national body.
  2. All Bookings are provisional until confirmed by us.
  3. The Lead Delegate will be the main contact for each Booking, and will be responsible for ensuring payment of booking fees.
  4. All fees will be paid to the Centre, or to Nazarene Theological College, who provide The Centre with facilities, staffing, financial and other services.
  5. Delegate places must be paid for before the conference begins.
    1. Bookings made up until 40 days before the start of the conference must be paid for within 14 days of being submitted, or 10 days after being confirmed, whichever is the later.
    2. Bookings made between 39 and 12 days before the start of the conference must be paid for at least 10 days before the start of the conference, or within 3 days of being confirmed, whichever is the later.
    3. Bookings made less than 12 days before the start of the conference must be paid before the start of the conference.
  6. Entry to the venue
    1. If you have made a Booking, you will normally be eligible to enter the Conference.
    2. If you attempt to place a Booking on the day of the Conference, you acknowledge that you may not be admitted to the venue should capacity have been reached or if your Booking would take the venue over-capacity.
    3. The Centre, venue or their partners reserve the absolute right to refuse entry to the Conference to any person for any reasonable cause unless entry is required by law.
    4. You acknowledge that the Conference is being run by Christian organisations and by entering the venue you will agree to behave in a considerate manner and not to disrupt the Conference.
    5. Alcohol is not permitted inside the grounds of the venue (including on-site accommodation). Smoking is also not permitted, both inside the buildings and in the grounds of the venue. The Centre reserves the right to eject anyone from the Conference and/or levy a charge for breach of these conditions.
    1. The conference will have a published booking deadline. Any Bookings received after such a deadline will be considered Late.
    2. If permitted, Late Bookings will be subject to a non-refundable £4 fee per Delegate.
    3. Should the conference be below capacity during the registration period on the first day, remaining tickets will be made available to purchase at the normal price plus an additional £5 fee per Delegate.
    1. Confirmed Bookings made at least 3 months before the conference will be granted a £10 discount per Delegate.
    2. Early Bird Discount may be applied either before payment, or as a partial refund to any Delegates who for technical reasons are charged the full rate during the Early Bird period.
    3. The booking horizon for the Early Bird Discount may be amended by the Directors or their Agents.
      1. Should the Early Bird Discount be extended – by naming a later closing date than previously announced – no notice will be required.
      2. Should the Early Bird Discount be curtailed – by naming an earlier closing date than previously announced – at least 7 days’ notice will be given on the MCSCI website and in other Centre publicity produced during the intervening period.


  1. If the conference is full when your booking form is received, or if fulfilling your entire booking would take the conference over-capacity, you will be given the option of placing all or part of your booking on our Waiting List.
  2. In order to allow as many different groups as possible to attend, Waiting List bookings are limited to a maximum of 2 Delegates; If a Booking is for more than 2 Delegates and all or part of it must go on the Waiting List, the Booking will be split.
  3. Should the conference be at capacity, the Lead Delegate and Second Delegate will be offered the next available place in the Waiting List.
  4. We wish as many different groups as possible to be represented. Because of this, Third and Fourth Delegates will not be given priority on the Waiting List.
  5. Any spaces which become available will be offered to those on the Waiting List strictly in the List Ranking order.
  6. Any intending Delegate on the Waiting List who is offered a place at the conference but declines it will be removed from the Waiting List. Should they subsequently change their mind and wish to be re-added to the Waiting List, they will need to submit a new Booking Form and enter the Waiting List at the next available place.


  1. Once you have been allocated a place, your attendance is considered firm.
  2. Should your situation change and you (or any named Delegates) no longer be able to attend, you must contact us as soon as possible.
  3. Cancellations will be considered on a case-by-case basis but refunds are not guaranteed. We reserve the right to grant only partial refunds if the booking has already incurred costs for which The Centre is liable. In most cases, a small administration fee will apply.
  4. If you cancel after receiving a conference ticket, you must return it to us at your own expense before any refund will be paid.
  5. Because Extras (accommodation, transport etc) are generally provided by external persons or companies, they will be non-refundable unless the relevant service can be used by another delegate.
  6. All refunds are at the absolute discretion of the Directors or their Agents.
  7. The Centre reserves the right to cancel Your Booking under certain circumstances:
    1. Should You fail to pay for Your Booking within the defined time periods, we may cancel your Booking unless we receive contact from You with reasonable explanation of the delay.
    2. Should We have reasonable grounds to believe Your Booking may be fraudulent.
    3. If You or members of your party are ejected from the venue under article A6, we may also cancel Your party’s entire Booking. No refund will be paid in these circumstances.
  8. Should it become clear to The Centre prior to the start of the Conference that it will be unable to proceed, all Lead Delegates will be contacted and offered a full refund of the main Delegate fee. Extras may be non-refundable, and the Centre will not be held liable for any additional sums you may spend as a result of the a cancellation or refusal of entry.


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