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Christians around the world have seen Muslims putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

“We are witnessing an historic, unprecedented moment in salvation history”, says Dr David Garrison, in his book ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’. “We have never seen so many Muslim individuals or communities in so many different places move toward faith in Jesus Christ.”

Join us to hear Dr David Garrison share about his amazing journey of discovery of how, in answer to prayer and in response to a religion that is becoming increasingly divided, thousands of Muslims are choosing to become followers of Jesus. Dr Garrison tells us that today, in more than 70 separate locations in 29 nations, new movements of Muslim-background followers of Christ are taking place. There is indeed hope for Muslims and God’s time is now!

There will be opportunity to ask questions of Dr Garrison and discover how we can join in prayer for this movement, as well as reach out to our Muslim neighbours. You may be invited to give to projects helping Syrian refugees and to local work among Muslims.
Tea & Coffee, bookshop & information stands will be available from 9:30am.
The event will close with a meal at 1pm.

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    Left this late but have been away hope there will be space when two of us turn up tomorrow. We will pay at the the desk.

    Joyce Sawdon

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