Hot Topic: Christian Minorities in the Muslim World


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There are many parts of the world where Christians live as a minority in a largely Muslim context. Hear first-hand how this has an impact, and discuss what some of the implications are.

Join Rt Rev Irfan Jamil (Bishop of Lahore) for an evening of comparison, discussion and education.

The paper explains that what is a pressure and what does it mean by living as Minority, explaining the salient features of Muslim world and various different pressures that Christians of each country face. But the emphasis is on the situation in Pakistan, elaborating social, religious, economic and political pressures.

In the end practical suggestions are given to live as minority in Muslim World.

Irfan Jamil comes from a Christian background and he has been serving God for the last 46 years among students, Church ministry, evangelism, teaching and preaching.

The author has experience of dealing with other faiths through interfaith dialogue and peace building. He did his Masters in Political Science and Masters in Divinity at Singapore; he also studied at London Bible College (UK).

He taught in various Bible colleges, on Church history, counselling and discipleship.

At present he serves as the Bishop of Lahore in the Church of Pakistan.

The Anglican Diocese of Lahore is linked with that of Manchester.

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