Hot Topic: Beyond Dialogue – where does Christian-Muslim engagement lead?


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Note: This is a change to the previously advertised schedule. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the session on “Domestic Violence in Asian Communities” will now be held at a later date.

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The history of relations between Christians and Muslims often has been an unhappy one, as illustrated by recent events affecting the Christian communities in the Middle East. With Muslims making up about 5% of the population of Britain, the engagement between Christians and Muslims is one the key issues facing society. How can two missionary faiths co-exist in positive and creative ways? This ‘Hot Topic’ explores the process of interfaith dialogue, using examples from three different groups; Taking a model developed in the Israel-Palestine context, we will ask whether this model can lead to mutually fruitful relationships between the Christian and the British Muslim communities.

Join Rev. Canon Phil Rawlings (co-Director, MCSCI) as he leads discussion on how Christians and Muslims are, and should, be in dialogue with one another.

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