Joining the Family Northern launch


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Joining the FamilyToday in Britain growing numbers of Muslims are choosing to follow Jesus Christ.  They want to join Christ’s community.  But many of us in British churches do not understand their needs or know how to make them welcome.

What is “Joining the Family”?

This new course aims to help equip the Church to meet the challenge of supporting new believers from a Muslim background to become part of our churches. What are their concerns? How does the church pastor and disciple such people? What support is available? You can find further information about the course on the Joining the Family website.

Who is this event for?

  • Members of local churches, especially those who care for Jesus’ followers from Muslim backgrounds;
  • People in the leadership teams of those churches.
  • Small group leaders

At the event, Christians from Muslim backgrounds will be sharing their experiences, so we need to provide them with appropriate security. All who attend are required to agree not to use a camera and not to name or quote anyone so as to indicate their identity, without specific permission.
Details of the timing and venue will be provided on the entry ticket. On arrival you will be asked to prove your identity. The programme lasts around 2 hours.

What are its aims?

For local Christians and church leaders to:-

  • Meet and learn from Christ’s followers of Muslim background;
  • Begin to understand what issues they face, and care deeply for them;
  • Learn how our churches can welcome, encourage, equip and ‘be family’ for them.

This is an introductory seminar, taking first steps towards fulfilling these aims.


If you would like to take up a place at this launch event, please let us know as soon as possible, as we will need to send you a ticket before the event. Please remember that you will need to bring ID with you.

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