Hope for Muslims: Ts & Cs


Terms & Conditions for booking at “Hope for Muslims”

  1. Definitions
    1. The Event is the Hope for Muslims day event, taking place on 13 June 2015 in Bolton.
    2. Booking is a request by you or any other person to reserve a place or places at the event.
    3. The Centre or MCSCI is the Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam. The Centre is a partner of the Nazarene Theological College, which is a registered educational charity. The Centre’s status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation is currently pending (application #5059545).
    4. Partner or Partners refers to Global Connections (who are coordinating the national tour), the Sponsors, Endorsing and Supporting organisations who are involved in the wider tour and also to any organisation involved in running or supporting the local event.
    5. The Event Cost is the total spent by the Centre, its employees and partners on holding the Event. This includes (but is not limited to) catering and a donation towards venue hire.
  2. Booking fees & donations
    1. The Event has no formal booking fee.
    2. All those who Book a place at the Event, whether in advance or on the day, will be asked to give a Booking Donation towards the Event Cost. Monies raised from Booking Donations which exceed the Event Cost will be split between the Centre’s budget (50%) and the Event offering (50%).
    3. Booking Donations are refundable subject to the terms of Section 5 (“Booking cancellations)
    4. The Event offering will be taken during the Event, and will be distributed equally between Global Connections’ Syria Refugees’ fund, and the Alexandria Library project at 247 Wilmslow Road, Manchester. No part of the Event offering will be used to cover the event costs unless explicitly marked for this purpose.
  3. Booking deadlines
    1. All bookings are provided conditional on the capacity of the venue not being reached. In the unlikely event that demand exceeds capacity, Bookings will be honoured on a strict “first-come, first-served” policy.
    2. If the venue is nearing capacity, we will warn you of this on the Booking form.
    3. If you attempt to place a Booking after capacity is reached, or if your Booking would place the venue at- or over-capacity, you will be placed on a reserve list.
    4. In order to guarantee that your meal will be provided as advertised, you must place a Booking at least 5 days before the Event.
    5. If you or any member of your Booking have dietary needs, you must notify us using the Booking form at least 8 days before the event.
  4. Entry to the venue
    1. If you have made a Booking, you will normally be eligible to enter the Event.
    2. If you attempt to place a Booking on the day of the Event, you acknowledge that you may not be admitted to the venue should capacity have been reached or if your Booking would take the venue over-capacity.
    3. The Centre, venue or their partners reserve the absolute right to refuse entry to the Event to any person for any reasonable cause unless entry is required by law.
    4. You acknowledge that the Event is being run by Christian organisations and by entering the venue you will agree to behave in a considerate manner and not to disrupt the Event
  5. Booking cancellations
    1. In all cases
      1. In the event of the Event being cancelled, its date or venue amended, the Centre will endeavour to contact all those who have made a booking. Primary contact will be via the email address provided when a Booking is made.
    2. By the Centre or our Partners
      1. In the event of the Event being cancelled, its date or venue amended, the Centre will endeavour to contact all those who have made a Booking. Primary contact will be via the email address provided when a Booking is made.
      2. If the Event is cancelled entirely, the Centre may at the Directors’ discretion refund up to 100% of any or all Booking Donations.
      3. If the date or venue of the Event is changed, no refund of donations will be given except upon request by you and at the sole discretion of the Directors.
      4. Irrespective of whether the Centre refunds all or part of a Booking Donation, the Centre will not be held liable for any additional sums you may spend as a result of the a cancellation or refusal of entry.
    3. By you
      1. If you wish to cancel a Booking you have made, you must contact the Centre by email as early as possible. Booking Donations may be partially- or fully-refunded depending on the reason for the cancellation and at the Directors’ discretion.
      2. Late Cancellations:
        1. A cancellation made by you will be considered late if:
          1. You contact the Centre less then 24 hours before the Event.
          2. You fail to contact the Centre until during, or after the Event.
          3. You implicitly make a Late Cancellation by failing to attend the Event.
        2. Late Cancellations will not normally be eligible for any refund of any donation associated with the relevant Booking.
    4. If you attend the Event, your Booking Donation becomes non-refundable.

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