Study class at NTC: Photo by Marlena White

Photo by Marlena White

At MCSCI, we offer courses and one-off sessions of study to suit a wide range of experiences and circumstances.

For promising students coming to MCSCI, there is a scholarship fund available in certain circumstances – if this may of relevance please contact us.

If you would like to discuss to possibility of completing a course of study with us, please get in touch.

Practical Study for Christians

We firmly believe that there is little point in studying the theory of relations between Christians and Muslims if we do not enable relations to exist and deepen in the first place. We therefore offer evening/weekend-based courses and one-day studies, designed to help Christians engage with Muslims in their area on a very practical basis.

Further details of these, and when they take place, can be found on our future events listing.

Undergraduate Study

We offer Undergraduate-level modules to students at Nazarene Theological College and students at other colleges or universities.  If you would be interested in taking these modules as part of your degree course, please contact us and your own course provider.

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Religions in contemporary Britain

Postgraduate Study

Did you know you can study for a PhD with us in the field of Christianity and Islam? Through our association with Nazarene Theological College, we offer Doctoral studies towards a University of Manchester PhD in Theology. If this interests you, please do contact us.

We also have a specialist stream for Masters students, MA in Theology (Christian Engagement with Islam). We are excited to offer classes for this, which are available both as Electives for students on the Postgraduate Diploma or MA in Theology (Mission Studies).

Student testimonials

“… I realised that. . . I didn’t not really know much about Islam in Britain. I took the opportunity to enrol in the MCSCI MA unit about just that – Islam in Britain. It was wonderful. Now I have personal contacts and friends all over the local Muslim community. . . MCSCI unlocked the doors for me.” Ted

… my relationships with Muslims and Christians were strengthened as I engaged with them on the pertinent issues raised in my modules … It has been a challenging process but I am incredibly grateful for the personalised support and encouragement I have consistently received … “ Katy

Available classes

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These courses are being offered to students who have some prior experience, either studying or in the field of relations between Christians and Muslims, as part of two of the MA streams offered by Nazarene Theological College.  If you are interested in completing one of our MA courses, but are unsure of whether you fit this profile, please contact us and we will discuss this with you.  Depending on your experience, you may be given the option to complete a short Undergraduate-level course before progressing onto one of these.

Full course details

The MA in Theology (Christian Engagement with Islam) and the MA in Theology (Mission Studies) both have four course units, with full-time students completing two in each of the Autumn and Spring Semesters (or may take one in the January or June intensive sessions). The parallel Postgraduate Diploma courses also have four course units, while the Postgraduate Certificate course has two course units.

These course units are structured around ten two-and-a-half hour seminars. The seminars are led by specialists in the appropriate disciplines.
In-depth reading, group discussion and preparation of written assignments are all
included within the course units.

For the Christian Engagement with Islam track, there are TWO required course units, which are:
• Christian Engagement with Islam
• Theological Engagement with Islam
MA and PGDip Students also select up to TWO further course units from any of the
MA tracks. Other electives within this track include:
• Foundations of Mission Studies: Christianity in a Pluralistic Society
• Theological Reflection
• The Church and the City
• Literature Review (Islam)
• Independent Study (Islam)

For the Mission Studies track, there are TWO core course units, ONE of which all students are required to take:
• Foundations of Mission Studies: Biblical, Theological and Historical OR
• Foundations of Mission Studies: Christianity in a Pluralistic Society
MA and PGDip students also select at least ONE elective course units from the
Mission Studies track as listed below, and up to TWO further course unit from any
of the MA tracks. PGCert students select ONE elective course unit from the Mission
Studies track.
• Contextualising Theological Education
• Compassionate Ministry: The Church & Social Transformation
• Church Planting: A Critical Study of Methodology
• The Church and the City
• Theology and Culture
• Towards a Christian Engagement with British Islam
• Literature Review

The Master of Arts also requires that the dissertation be undertaken in the focus area of the MA track.