A World-wide picture of Believers from Muslim background

Dr Greg Livingstone

Dr Greg Livingstone

The speech “A World-wide picture of Believers from Muslim background” was given by Dr Greg Livingstone, who founded Frontiers.

This was the fourth speech at the MCSCI Conference in January 2016.

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This is a recording of the speech, which has been edited for clarity and to remove some questions (which could not be heard over the microphone).

Abstract: A World-wide picture of Believers from Muslim background

Dr Livingstone writes:

The Worse of times; the Best of times.” Are we really in the midst of the greatest turning to Christ among Muslims in fourteen centuries?



Since 1979, and even more since 1999, clearly God is doing more than we realize among the 24% of all the men, women, and children across the globe that are loyal to Mohammed. But where is the lasting fruit?



Undocumented stories, (e.g. Tens of thousands of Muslims are falling in love with Jesus”) passed on by hopeful saints, should cause us to increase our determination to ‘love God with our minds.  How can we discern the difference between pragmatic acquiescence (tickets to the West? Islamic universalism?) vs. true repentance and reliance on Christ’s redeeming work on the Cross with intention to obey Him as Lord and Saviour?



What can/should be done, by whom, for Muslims who are ‘moving towards’ the Saviour, but not yet in the Kingdom?

When can I hear him?

Dr Livingstone is expected to bring the conference’s fourth speech, “A World-wide picture of Believers from Muslim background”, on Friday 8th January 2016 at approximately 7:30pm. Day visitors are asked to arrive no later than 9:15am to allow time for registration.

Please note that all times are given as-planned in good faith, but the schedule may be amended without notice if required.

Who is he?

Greg is from Aspen, Colorado and Sally grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  They met at Wheaton College.  Greg has his doctorate from BIOLA in Missiology, and Sally her MS in Family Counseling from Villanova University. They currently live in High Wycombe working with a church planting team among Pakistani Muslims.

The Livingstones have three sons, Evan, David and Paul born in India, Germany and Lebanon.  They have seven grandchildren.  Their sons: a lawyer, a Univ. prof, and a Teacher and artist of World Music.

Frontiers‘ mission is to glorify God by planting churches via apostolic teams among all Muslim peoples working in coordination with others who share the same vision.    The Livingstones are also Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) World Outreach Missionaries and are thereby supported in part and accountable to the EPC.

Greg and Sally have ministered to Muslims in India, Lebanon, and Malaysia.  They are now based in the U.K. where they coach church planters among Pakistanis in England.

Greg’s ‘first love’ is as a ‘team forming coach’ who births and deploys pioneer teams of citizens and ex-pats aimed at establishing house churches led by their own Muslim-background elders.  Presently he is recruiting for the Tatars and Chechen of Russia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan.

Livingstone was instrumental in founding both Operation Mobilization and Frontiers, and in giving leadership to Arab World Ministries and World Outreach of the Evangelical Presbyterian church. Greg & Sarah have help facilitate the placement and coaching of over 1400 long term missionaries in 40 countries with these and other agencies.


In the equipping areas, Greg specializes in the history of ministry to Muslims.  He is convinced that effective discipling and church-planting requires a thorough knowledge of the past.  He is presently writing a textbook: A History of Christian Mission To Muslims.

The Livingstones’ life story is published as You’ve Got Libya.

Joining the Family: Findings

A group of people in a discussion panel with audience watching


Last week, MCSCI hosted one of several seminar days currently planned across the UK titled “Joining the Family“.  The seminar days were prompted by the discussions of a nationwide group of around 40 people.  The initial group, both Christian Believers of a Muslim Background (BMBs) and members of the churches they joined, fleshed out the issues in Birmingham last May (2013).  They covered both concerns around knowing how to help new BMBs, and also how to answer questions from Muslims.


A group of people in a discussion panel with audience watching

MCSCI’s Joining the Family seminar in progress

This time, about the same number of people based around Greater Manchester, met to share the knowledge gained – not just in that initial discussion, but also the everyday experience of people from churches across the city.

The aim is that the core “Joining the Family” group will produce resources including a teaching course for churches to both understand the issues and to be equipped to help new disciples of Christ.

Here are some of the findings from the day:

Implications for new BMBs range from a new ‘voice’ – especially for women, to a loss of honour & community persecution.  There may be confusion over what is Christian rather than Western, in areas such as how genders relate to each other.  Despite a passion to learn, there may be issues to deal with including lies or misleading information BMBs have previously heard about Christianity.

The group drew up various ideas of what the Church could and should do to support BMBs, both internal (respecting and knowing our own scriptures) and external (encouraging BMBs to continue their own culture rather than becoming fully Westernised, learning the power of an honour/shame culture).


If you want to know more about the Joining the Family programme and the planned teaching course, please contact us and – if you have not already – sign up to receive our newsletters.